Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Journey Begins!

1. Delaney and Dryer
2. The Nevada Mall
3. Hotel Novokuznetskya

The hair dryer has already travelled from Novokuznetsk, in the Kemerovo Region of Siberia, to Moscow, to JFK to its home for 5 months in Fairfield, Califorina.
I had used my own travel dryer with the converter on Trip 1 in April at the same hotel, no problems. However, on Trip 2, it blew up when I tried to use it! My mom and I had only brought one dryer to share, so I was going to ask Brenda, the mom of the other family that traveled with us, if I could borrow hers. A few minutes later, Brenda knocks on our room asking if she could borrow our dryer, because hers had blown out, as well! We had been to see our girls earlier in the day and had court the next day, so we later ventured to the Nevada Mall across from the Novokuznetskya Hotel to find and purchase blow dryers.

We both decided to buy our own since we had to be up extra early for the three hour drive to Kemerovo and four people needed to dry hair! The mall was an expereince in itself, but it was pretty funny buying the hair dryers in a store where no one spoke English, and Brenda and I tried to combine our knowledge of Russian. The sales lady was very nice and let us plug them in to turn them on and wrapped them up nicely for us. The next day....the Mamas and Babushkas were ready for court!

We used the hair dryer only once again, as the hotel in Moscow had them in the rooms. So when Doreen asked if anyone had one, we came up with the idea of passing it on to other parents headed to Russia! Not only did I bring home the Russian hair dryer, but also, my beautiful daughter, Delaney Julia, who was 18 months at the time of adoption, and has been just the complete joy of my life...and loves to blow dry her hair, by-the-way!!!!
On Saturday, January 20th, the hair dryer left from Sacramento, California headed to Essex, Vermont. Doreen is going bring home her son February 12th....(court)....


Andrew & Stephanie said...

Hi there! I can't wait to see where this hair dryer goes!!! We had so much fun seeing you guys!!! Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Joy said...

I love this idea. I hope one day I will be able to borrow your hair dryer.