Friday, June 15, 2007

Back to Stavropol !!

Across the pond again! Mary and family, including 4 year old Bailee, also travelled to Stavropol...but in much warmer May! As hair was getting dried and ready for court....waiting to come home was 12 month old Nicholas! The family return home to Richmond, Virginia on May 25th and all reports are that everyone is doing well, with a little of the expected sibling rivalry!

Maybe Nicholas will have a full head of hair to dry someday!!

Well, turns out that Cyndi's friend, Alice, was on her way Kazakhstan in the dryer was sent back to Fairfield on June 6th!

From Vermont to Stavropol

In February, the hairdryer travelled to Stavropol, which is south of Moscow near the Black Sea. (it was probably glad not to go back to Siberia in winter, too!) and Doreen and family welcomed home 6 year old Jamie from Stavropol !! Jamie speaks excellent English, was welcomed by a little brother and sister, and is going to school. What a handsome fellow! Welcome home, Jamie!

The hair dryer then made it's way to Mary from Richmond, VA.....