Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off to Kaz to meet a little one!

Having travelled by priorty mail, airplane, car and possibly other vehicles, as well as overnight mail, the hair dryer arrived back at my home in Fairifeld, CA....just in time to travel with Alice to Kazakhstan! Delaney loves to get mail and was so excited to see the hair dryer again! But alas....Alice and the dryer are going to meet her little girl in Kazakhstan. Kaz trips are longer than the Russian ones, so Alice and I were having fun thinking of all the things she could do with the dryer once she has some free time! Of course, we can't wait for a picture of the little one with the dryer, if she has any hair! But here's a pic of the Mama-to-be at Delaney's 2nd birthday party in February.

Stay tuned.....Mama Alice may be adding some pics for us while in on her trip! You never know what the dryer might be up to!